In the exhibition Time Modelling the artist continues his exploration of space and time by photographic means. A photograph always shows a brief moment that has been wrested from the infinite flow of time and captured in the image for eternity. Every photo is therefore a historic document and, as such, connected to the memory of past things. Here the artist achieves to re-connect the image with its actual place, space and time through an exact labelling of his works: the title includes the place, the date and the time of day.

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Exhibited Works

Barcelona, No. 1; 05.05.2015, 10:48 CET, 2015
Pigment print
62 x 89 cm | 24 1/2 x 35 in

Molded Mirror No. 53, 2015
Stainless steel
125 x 240 cm | 49 1/4 x 94 1/2 in

Molded Mirror No. 52, 2015
Stainless steel
174 x 125 cm | 68 1/2 x 49 1/4 in

Mittelmeer, 2015
Archival pigment print
117 x 170 cm | 46 x 67 in

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