To celebrate the unveiling of the sculpture “Hommage à Paul Celan” during a festive ceremony in the Anne Frank Garden in Paris, Galerie Kornfeld will show a selection of Alexander Polzin's sculptures, paintings and works on paper, all of which explore the art of poetry and its authors, the great writers of Western and European culture. This intensive exploration of literary and philosophical texts and ideas forms the essence of his work. Alexander Polzin has close personal and intellectual ties with many writers, philosophers and scientists: Thomas Brasch was a close friend and renowned authors such as Péter Nádas, Durs Grünbein, Péter Esterházy and Hungarian Nobel Prize winner Imre Kertész have all written illuminatingly and poetically on the artist and his work.

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Exhibited Works

Danteköpfe, 1999/2015
125 X 90 CM
ED 1/6+2AP

Hemingway's Collection, 1992
Oil on Wood
122 X182 CM

Shooting Clouds II, 2014
9,5 X 6,5 X 4 CM

Brasch Portrait, 1995
Drawing, Hand Colored
40 X 45 CM