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Dear friends of the KORNFELD Gallery Berlin and the 68projects project space

In these difficult times marked by wars and growing intolerance, it is not easy to create an honest and authentic Christmas greeting. The phrase "Merry Christmas" almost seems inappropriate. Amidst all this chaos, how can we truly convey the essence of the Christmas message "Fear not"?

We attempt to do so through art - the medium that inspires our minds and touches our hearts. Art has the capability to amalgamate various viewpoints and integrate them into one work of art. It can reveal ambivalent feelings and reconcile them, even if they seem mutually exclusive.

Especially in a society that feels more and more divided, we must retain the ability to integrate. It is often easier to emphasise the differences between us and our fellow human beings than what unites us: the desire for freedom, peace, recognition and love. We must not resign ourselves to the fact that many of our fellow human beings are denied these basic needs through terror and violence. Even in the most difficult times, we can remain steadfast, and art can help us to do so. It may not be able to heal physical wounds, but it is a tonic for our souls.

Those of us who have the privilege to live with peace and in liberty, can be grateful and appreciate all that we do have. Let us not add fuel to the fire and make hasty judgements about "the other". The world is already too divided. Instead, we should unite against all forms of contempt for humanity.

Despite facing many challenges, which can often be overwhelming, this is a time to recharge and reflect as the year comes to an end. Let us welcome the new year with a hopeful attitude. On our part we have put much thought into our year ahead and are eager to share our program with you. In 2024, our gallery is set to showcase a spectrum of artistic voices, ranging from pioneers to emerging talents, each contributing to a global tapestry that celebrates unity and diversity. The enclosed annual programme will hopefully arouse your curiosity as much as ours.

We sincerely wish you a Merry Christmas or peaceful holidays. May this special time fill you with joy.

With warmest wishes,
Freddy Kornfeld, Mamuka Bliadze, Dr. Tilman Treusch, Sabina Passauer, Cristina Wiedebusch, Janina Rösner, Nemo Holtmann, Thilo Schneider, Beate Arnold, Kay Biesalski, Max Egger, Julie Kihn, Patrick Bence-Trower

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