In Franziska Klotz’s work, reflections on the self and the other lead to an exploration of images from her own family history. “Heimat” and “Heimat 2”, one of which was created while the artist was still living in Berlin, the other shortly after her arrival in Istanbul, are based on a theme, which for the artist is connected to a multiplicity of personal memories. The fabric’s Orientalizing ornaments seem like an anticipation of what might lie in store for her in the foreign country. Her study of Ottoman art, which neglects illustrative figuration in favour of the ornament, enabled Franziska Klotz to tell the stories of the images that underlie her paintings by the mere use of colour and form: a focus on textures, a rejection of the compositional structures of Western painting and an image build-up that largely relinquishes any spatial-illusory depth effect.

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Exhibited Works

The Youth Are Getting Restless II, 2016
Oil on canvas
120 x 130 cm | 47 1/4 x 51 1/4 in

Seed 1, 2016
Oil on canvas
60 x 50 cm | 23 2/3 x 19 2/3 in

oT, 2015
Oil on canvas
170 x 230 cm | 67 x 90 1/2 in

OMI II, 2016
Oil on canvas
170 x 145 cm | 67 x 57 in

Heimat, 2015
Oil on canvas
160 x 170 cm | 63 x 67 in

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